Presentation Preparation

Please note:

  1.    1. Please have it done by **11 Dec 2021**.

  2.    2. For REGULAR papers, please limit your recording to **20 mins**.

  3.    3. For SHORT papers, please limit your recording to **12 mins**.

Congratulations again to those authors who have their papers being accepted by WI-IAT 2021!

The WI-IAT 2021 conference is upcoming. Technical Program has been available on:

Please check it out carefully for your presentation session and time. Meanwhile, aiming to ensure the smooth progress of presentation sessions, we request all presentations to submit a recording. The recording will be used as a backup plan when the live presentation is experiencing technical issues such as stable Internet connection.

Please submit your presentation recording as soon as possible via the following web portal:
You'll need to log in using your original paper ID and password obtained in paper submission.

Thanks again for your contribution. We are looking forward to having your presentation in the conference.

WI-IAT 2021 PC Chairs